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CUAD (Complete Urine Analysis Device)

The new device for urinary diagnostics is actually the first product patent acknowledged to SikeliUP s.r.l.

CUAD is a patented device to be used in the diagnosis of urinary tract diseases, it represents a device where to build a new autoanalyzer

  • A complete urine examination (chemical-physical & urinary sediment)
  • Urine testing in full automation
  • Urine testing in closed mode (free of contamination for the operator)
  • On native urine, leaving unchanged the sediment performance
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple and Smaller
  • Improving Analytical Performence
  • More Competitive on Urinalysis Market

  • On February 2017, it has been granted the Patent Release for Italy (Invention n. 102014902269414)
  • On January 2019 it has been granted the Patent Release for all European country (Patent number 3155421)
  • Patent international acknowledgments are currently underway, by all the major regions worldwide (International application No. PCT/IB2015/054423)

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